Standard Languages in Germanic-Speaking Europe: Attitudes and Perception


Elisabeth Buchner, University of Salzburg; Stephan Elspaß, University of Salzburg; Eva Fuchs, University of Salzburg; Anne-Sophie Ghyselen, Ghent University; Wolfgang Koppensteiner, University of Vienna; Alexandra N. Lenz, University of Vienna; Chris Montgomery, University of Sheffield; Nicolai Pharao, University of Copenhagen; Albrecht Plewnia, Leibnitz Institute for the German Language; Regula Schmidlin, University of Fribourg; Barbara Soukup, University of Vienna


Standard Languages


The seeds for this present volume were planted in pre-pandemic times, when it was still possible to physically gather groups of scholars in a room for lively discussion and exchange, without first submitting airflow contingency plans, distributing disin-fection and test kits, checking vaccination statuses, or issuing mask mandates (or, all else failing, staging things entirely online). It was thus that on Saint Niklas’ day in December of 2018, a group of thirteen keynote speakers, and a well-sized audi-ence of peers, first convened in a conference room at the Austrian Academy of Sciences for three days of jointly exploring “Standard Languages in Europe: Atti-tudes & Perception”, as the conference was entitled. 

The meeting was organized under the auspices of the Special Research Pro-gramme (‘SFB’) “German in Austria. Variation – Contact – Perception” (financed by the Austrian Science Fund FWF), and was further sponsored by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna. The local organizing committee consisted of Alexandra N. Lenz (Austrian Academy of Sciences & University of Vienna), Wolfgang Koppensteiner (University of Vienna), Barbara Soukup (Austri-an Academy of Sciences), and Rita Stiglbauer (University of Vienna), with Steff Moog serving as culinary executive. The keynote speakers were (in alphabetical order): Elisabeth Buchner (University of Salzburg), Stephan Elspaß (University of Salzburg), Anne-Sophie Ghyselen (Ghent University), Wolfgang Koppensteiner (University of Vienna), Alexandra N. Lenz (University of Vienna), Chris Mont-gomery (University of Sheffield), Nicolai Pharao (University of Copenhagen), Al-brecht Plewnia (ids Mannheim), Christoph Purschke (University of Luxembourg), Unn Røyneland (University of Oslo), Regula Schmidlin (University of Fribourg), Barbara Soukup (Austrian Academy of Sciences), and Rebekka Studler (University of Basel). 


  • Preface and Acknowledgements
    Wolfgang Koppensteiner, Alexandra N. Lenz, Barbara Soukup
  • Introduction: Standard languages in Germanic-speaking Europe – Attitudes and perception
    Wolfgang Koppensteiner, Alexandra N. Lenz, Barbara Soukup
  • Standard German in Austria from the folk perspective: Conceptualizations, attitudes, perceptions
    Wolfgang Koppensteiner, Alexandra N. Lenz, Barbara Soukup
  • Standard and non-standard varieties in Austrian schools: The perspectives of teachers and students
    Elisabeth Buchner, Stephan Elspaß, Eva Fuchs
  • Standard variation and linguistic attitudes in German-speaking Switzerland: From the etic to the emic perspective
    Regula Schmidlin
  • Measuring attitudes towards standard German and German dialects: Results of recent representative survey data from Germany
    Albrecht Plewnia
  • Attitudinal and perceptual research as part of the methodological toolbox to define standard languages: Advances, issues and perspectives in research on Belgian Dutch
    Anne-Sophie Ghyselen
  • Perceptions of non-standardness in an assumed ‘Standard’ English variety
    Chris Montgomery
  • Understanding standard language: A psycholinguistic look at Danish regional and casual speech variation
    Nicolai Pharao

Author Biography

Alexandra N. Lenz, University of Vienna

Full Professor, University of Vienna, Austria. Director of the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria. 

SLICE Volume 4


SLICE 4 (Chapters)


27 June 2022


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