The folk-life artist Carl Gustaf Bernhardson: Portrayer of coastal life and coastal women in workday and feast day


Anders Gustavsson
University of Oslo
Jean Aase


folk-life, art, artist, cultural heritage


This publication presents the most important features of the folk-life artist Carl Gustaf Bernhardson’s paintings to an international audience and places the paintings in their social and cultural context. The life style and world of ideas among Bohuslän’s coastal inhabitants of past ages have been visualized for posterity in these many paintings by an artist who knew this culture intimately. His own world of ideas, largely unknown during his lifetime, has now become accessible due to the many notebooks and poems that he left at his death. Women, environmental commitments, a longing for freedom, a belief in fate and a lofty self-image have shown themselves to be essential features of his inner world.


  • Life history / Biography
  • Coastal women’s way of life and living conditions
  • The perils of the sea
  • Social realism
  • The conceptual world of the archipelago inhabitants
  • Aspects of source criticism and evaluation
  • Bernhardson’s world of conception
  • Concluding remarks
  • Sources and references

Author Biography

Anders Gustavsson, University of Oslo

Anders Gustavsson, (1940-), professor of cultural history at the Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, 1997-2010 and senior professor since 2011. PhD from the University of Lund, 1972, then reader in ethnology at Lund, part time also in Gothenburg and Bergen; professor of ethnology, University of Uppsala, 1987-1997.  His research has concerned popular religion, popular movements with emphasis on temperance and revivalistic movements, coastal culture, cultural meetings, tourism, border cultures, rites of passage, gravestone symbolism, memorial internet websites, popular paintings, fieldwork methodology. 

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30 October 2023

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